fruits in darija



Apricot : mshmash
Banana : banan
Lemon : leymon 
Date : tmr
Pomegranate : romman 
Kiwi fruit : kiwi
Mandarin : mandarina
Melon : betekh
Walnut : grga3
Orange : litchin
Watermelon : dlla7
Peach : khokh
Pear : lingass
Apple : tffa7
Grape : 3ineb
Raisin : zbib
Peanuts : kawkaw
Cherry : hab mlouk


Except in Marrakech pears are borgiba and melons are mnoon.

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Demons don’t make promises.
Calcifer Howl’s Moving Castle (via wizardxhowl)

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That thing where South American states show more solidarity in action with Palestinians than other Arabs do. 

شايفينكم يا ولاد الكلب

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I might think I can’t take it any more, that I can’t go on any more, but one way or another I get past that.
― Haruki Murakami, After Dark (via rsvnr)

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I know a beautiful soul when I see one. You can never meet them without being touched. They’re like lights in the middle of darkness. You jump to them for protection, warmth, guidance, love, an honest advice, a sincere deed and you always keep an eye on them wherever you go in life. They’re human too, obviously, and their humanness is the finishing touch to an already fascinating being.

So gentle, so kind, so alive, yet so approachable. I love such people.

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